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  • Alyssa Eversmeyer - spring semester seville

    Alyssa Eversmeyer

    Hi, I’m studying in Spain this spring (1/17 – 6/1) and this is a blog I will use to communicate with friends/family. I’m explaining why there are some (two) weird, old posts from last summer on here that you can read or ignore, up to you. Also, if you do read this, feel free to comment/reach out to me so I’m not just shouting into the void.
  • Jordan Simpson

    My first week in Spain is coming to a close, gosh time passes so quickly. I can definitely say it’s been an adjustment; the food, the schedule, and most of all the language. One thing’s for sure, this place is beautiful! Here are a few of my biggest triumphs so far…
  • Erica Schneider - spring semester in Spain

    Erica Schneider

    I will be studying abroad this semester in Seville, Spain at La Universidad Pablo de Olavide until the end of May. While I’m here, I will be staying with a host family, taking classes in Spanish, and hopefully doing some traveling (Morocco, Portugal, Italy, UK, as well as other cities in Spain). I’ll try to keep you all updated as frequently as I can!
  • Claire Flynn - fall semester in Seville

    Claire Flynn

    Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Claire and I’ll be studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain this semester. I’m excited to share my travels with my family, friends, and random other people who happen upon this blog.
  • Shipley abroad in Spain

    Sebastian Gluzman

    Please check this page daily for photos and to see what our students are doing in Seville this June. Feel free to leave comments and share our posts!
  • Riverwood - study abroad Sevilla

    Riverwood in Spain

    After meeting our homestay families & walking to our homes, our awesome guide, Mario, took us on a really fun & informative walking tour of the city. We even saw the former jail (now a bank) where Miguel Cervantes wrote the beginning of "Don Quijote"!    
  • Jedd Chesterson

    On this page, you can follow us on our journey from New York to Madrid, Sevilla, Cádiz, Córdoba, and Granada. Check in daily to see pictures, commentary, and video from our amazing trip! You can navigate back to this homepage by clicking the "Edgemont In Spain" logo at at the top from any page.
  • Julián Paloma

    No me pagan por hacerles propaganda, para nada, pero hoy, trabajando me han venido a la cabeza los fabulosos días que pasé en Sevilla preparándome para enseñar el curso de AP español.
  • Abbey Yoder

    t’s a little weird to try and describe how it feels to leave a place that feels so like home to you, and to leave it, unsure of when or if you will ever see it again. It’s weird to think that the place that you have fallen in love with over the past four months, will in just a few short days be nothing more than a memory of good times and beautiful sights. It’s weird to imagine that after I board that plane, I leave behind a time in my life that has been by far the best four months I’ve had yet in my short twenty years.
  • Cara Coffin

    Hola Amigos! On January 20th I embarcked on an excited journey to study abroad in Sevilia, Spain. ( Seville is the American/English name if you were confused). The past 5 days have been a mix of amazing adventures and a lot of jet lag. I left for Spain feeling excited and the usual nervousness that comes with anticipation.
  • Gabby Hafner

    I'm back on my college campus, sitting in my new living quarters. It's been a whirlwind week home. In some ways, I'm still not in the US. My head's not here. Upon arrival home, I contracted not only the flu but strep throat as well. I was bedridden for three days. And now I have sat down to compose a blog post about all that have I learned from my study abroad experience. What have I learned from my study abroad experience...what have I learned from my study abroad experience?
  • Sarah Roderick

    Hi all! Saludos de Sevilla! Alright guys, I have never blogged before so bear with me as I try to put my amazing experiences in this beautiful city into words! I arrived here last Wednesday and thus far have neglected to do any journaling or blogging so before I put it off any longer I’ll try to do a brief overview of my first impressions and experiences sevillanas.
  • Amanda Castagna

    Sevilla... my city, my home, the reason I had stars in my eyes for four months straight. Take a look for yourself!
  • Shannon Fineran

    The semi-intellectual musings of a young adventurer. Or, in other words, my escapades stateside and abroad and my continuing quest for an International Life.
  • Shaquana Aikens

    Follow me as I study abroad and learn about my journey through various vignettes.
  • Stephanie Gamba

    I'm taking on Sevilla… and the rest of Europe if we're being totally honest. It's my senior year and I've decided to spend my fall semester in Spain taking classes! This blog will recount the challenges, experiences, and memories that I encounter throughout the fall. It's also so that everyone can laugh at the crazy tales I'm sure to tell. Enjoy reading! With love.