Social Responsibility

Fundación Gota de Leche, established in 1906, is an organization that has been in charge of helping one of the most vulnerable social groups in society, children. Since the end of the 19th century, this organization has paid special attention to those mothers who cannot feed their children. They searched for alternatives of artificial formula, thus gaining its name the Consultorio de Niños de Pecho y Gota de Leche (Consultancy for Children and Milk).

The first center was constructed in Madrid in 1904. Then the program was implemented in other important cities in Spain. The work the foundation does is far-reaching: from direct assistance to families at risk of social exclusion in Seville, Huelva, Cadiz, and Ceuta, workforce preparation for young mothers and immigrants, the promotion of cultural diversity, aid to other Iberian-American countries that find themselves in a grave situation with respect to infant mortality, as well as many other social programs.

Fundación Gota de Leche shows social responsibility for children, from before birth to educational initiates in primary and secondary school, so that boys and girls that live in socially excluded zones can have a higher quality of life.

This institution has the support of public and private entities, but it also needs the support of individuals, of us, so that their work does not disappear.

If you participate in a CentroMundoLengua programand donate 1 € / 1 $ / 1 $CAD to Fundación de Leche, we will match your donation.

Your help, helps everyone!

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Fundación Gota de Leche

Fundación Gota de Leche