La Carrera Nocturna en Sevilla

“Quiero Correr por Sevilla!”

By | Monday, 24 October 2016

Well… it’s been a few crazy weeks of travel and exams, but finally I have a minute to reflect! Out of all the exciting things I’ve been able to see and do in my short time in Sevilla, La Carrera Nocturna (The Night Run of Sevilla), has been an absolute highlight.

Back home in the U.S., when I’m home with my mom and stepdad, we run a 5k together in the D.C. area almost every weekend. Sometimes my brothers come along, always complaining, but nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite hobbies/ family activities.

And we often take selfies to document.


Since I arrived in Sevilla, I have been running a few times a week in the morning, through the Parque de María Luisa, by the Río Guadalquivir, through La Plaza de España, and I’ve concluded that Sevilla is a runner’s city. From the moment I step out of my door to start running, I can stumble upon gorgeous sites, take in the green scenery in the parks, or watch Spaniards having their morning coffee. For me, it’s the perfect way to get to know the city. Plus, I don’t mind terribly that Sevilla is pretty much completely flat… 🙂

But running in a race is always something different. After my first few weeks here, I started to miss the feeling of a bib pinned to my shirt, the challenge of trying to beat my last time, and the comradery of running the same course with hundreds, or thousands, of other people. That’s why, when I heard about La Carrera Nocturna, I was pumped!

La Carrera Nocturna is an annual 8.5k run in Sevilla. It starts at 10PM on a Friday, and it is totally wild! My friend Claire and I registered a week in advance (only cost 5 euros) and, the day before the race, went to pick up our race packets (which included a t-shirt, race number, and a few other little things from the sponsors). We picked up the packets at the Corte Inglés (a mall), and that’s when we started to get an idea of just how many people would be running…a lot.


And of course I had to carry on the selfie tradition.

The race kicked off with a band singing a very catchy song featuring the lyrics, “Quiero correr, quiero correr por Sevilla” (“I want to run, I want to run through Sevilla”), which Claire and I continued to sing for the entirety of the following week.

For lack of a better word, I’m going to describe this run as “lit.” While running, someone would spontaneously start a chant, and everyone else would join and clap along. It was a bit difficult to run in the beginning because there were so many people, but after I bit, I could run at the pace I wanted.The coolest part was that, throughout the entire 8.5km the streets were lined with the people of Sevilla clapping and cheering. I’ve never felt so encouraged to keep running.

I also enjoyed that the course took us across the river into Triana, a very cool neighborhood that I rarely frequent.

Afterwards, Claire and I went for a beer at a bar, where the waiters asked us all about the run. It was nice to feel part of the community and really embrace the culture while doing something I love. I’ll definitely be signing up for the next road race in Sevilla!




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