Get ready for the experience of your life

Live like a Spaniard as you discover Spain with new friends! Fun times are guaranteed!

The best way to really improve your Spanish

Immerse yourself in the language and culture at the same time. Learn what it means to live like a Spaniard, not simply as a tourist travelling to different cities. All of your years of textbook study have been building up to this point. Give meaning to your studies by connecting with other Spanish teens, and by studying the language in its’ proper social context.

Get prepared for the AP® exams

Improve your Spanish language communication skills and enrich your knowledge of the Spanish culture and literature! Get a head start on next year's AP® program at your home school relative to your peers.

Expand your horizons

Change the way you view not only the world, but also yourself. Discover new passions and interests!

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Student testimonials

"I'm currently sitting in my apartment in Cordoba, Spain overlooking the beautiful Cathedral-Mosque, 3 months into a semester abroad with Middlebury's study abroad program. And I wouldn’t be here right now if not for the incredible experience that I had when traveling to Cadiz, Spain. The weeks that I spent traveling and studying in Spain the summer after my sophomore year of high school opened my eyes to what it was like to learn a language outside of the classroom."
Kevin F.
"Centro MundoLengua gave me the opportunity to learn how Spanish is spoken outside an American high school classroom. My host mom was the most amazing person. She cooked amazingly and I learned so much Spanish from my conversations with her. I learned more about the culture of Spain in those two weeks than I have in all my years at home. My listening and verbal skills developed faster than I ever imagined and I would go back in a heartbeat if given the opportunity."
Mary W.
"The environment of Seville is incredibly suited for Spanish students. It possesses an abundance of historical sites, very friendly and sociable residents, and a relaxed atmosphere that promotes student learning at a steady, promising pace."
Susan W.

Student testimonials

"Centro MundoLengua's program offered me the incredible opportunity to fully immerse myself in the Spanish culture and I now have first-hand experience in what it truly means to be a student my age living in Spain."
John B.
" As a student that went through the program summer of my junior year, not only did I experience one of the best pre-class of my high school career, I was able to experience a side of the word most likely would not have visited in the way that visited. Not only did I improve in the Spanish language, I learned more about culture and history than I could imagine. The trip was not only a safe one but also a fun one. I recommend that people go to Seville because the tours youth activities in the afternoons were fantastic. I wish I could work with a group like this while in college."
Joseph E.

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