Numerous courses in Spanish and English at prestigious universities

Choose among a large course offering in one of our prestigious partner universities (with courses in English and Spanish). Centro MundoLengua has signed agreements with modern and professional-oriented universities, which provide a state-of-the art learning environment.

Unmatched private tutoring

We are not the biggest program out there. You will develop close relationships with the entire team at Centro MundoLengua. Part of this will include the time you spend one-on-one with our professors, as they help guide you through your time here in Spain. This may be on daily assignments, important research projects, or just “life” concerns. Having this personalized attention is invaluable as you navigate the new waters of Spain.

24 hour help / 7 days a week

Travel and study with peace of mind! Centro MundoLengua takes care of everything, from enrollment, to credit transfer, airport pickup, and finding you a Spanish home. We are also available 24 hours a day in case of any issue.

Live like a Spaniard

Experience the Spanish way of life by living and studying with the people. Enjoy the ins and outs of Spain’s most representative cities, with the help and guidance of experts from Centro MundoLengua. You will be amazed by the culture, history, art, architecture, and food of Spain. Above all else, you will be amazed by the friendliness of the people of Spain, and will develop lifelong friendships.

Immerse yourself in the language

You will be speaking Spanish and experiencing the Spanish way of life in many different real life situations: with your family or in a student residence/shared apartment, at the university, and during the numerous social, cultural, sport, volunteer, and internship activities offered by Centro MundoLengua.

Experience personal growth

Now is the time to take advantage of being able to travel in Spain and abroad. All of our cities are well connected with other European capitals. Embark on the journey of becoming a global citizen as you make new lifetime friends from all over the world, broadening your horizons and discovering new interests in the interim.

Boost your resume and stand out from the rest

Invest in your future by gaining Spanish language skills and experiencing a different country and culture. The knowledge you gain will be invaluable to employers, and by doing so, you will be able to bring another skill set to bear in future interviews.

Student testimonials

"The Centro MundoLengua staff is made up of some of the most energetic, passionate, and inspiring people I've ever met. When talking to students in other programs at our university, I couldn't help thinking that they were missing out a bit. We benefitted from our professors' vast knowledge of the history and culture of Sevilla, their connections in the community, and their desire to ensure that we had the most multi-faceted, complete experience as possible."
Amanda C., The College of William and Mary
"Studying abroad in Cádiz was the best decision that I've made in my life! The chance to live in this beautiful city where there's so much to see and do was a dream. Centro MundoLengua were the friendliest people and made me enjoy my time in Cádiz even more! I've found a place where I can call my other home and that I plan on visiting again!"
Steven J., Davidson College
"Thanks for making my trip to Spain such an amazing and eye opening experience. It would not have been the same without the guidance we received from the team at Centro MundoLengua as well as the wonderful hospitality. I hope to see this program repeated in the future and helping students all over because I know for sure it benefited me in many ways towards my future goals and career. I know I speak for the rest of my class when I say we will always remember this trip and you guys."
Samantha S., University of Houston