Cazalla de la Sierra

Nature Visits Outside of Seville

By | Thursday, 07 May 2015


Landscape Cazalla de la Sierra

Landscape Cazalla de la Sierra

If you are studying abroad in Seville or considering studying abroad in Seville you may know that it is the fourth largest city in Spain with a population of over 700,000 and a metropolitan area consisting of over 1.5 million inhabitants. Although the city center is very charming, filled to the brim with enchanting castles and mystical gardens, you may find yourself yearning for a quick pause from city life, wanting to get away from it all. In Seville, that is no problem! Lucky for you, Seville is surrounded things to do in the countryside accessible by a one to one and a half hour bus or car ride.

Stream Cazalla de la Sierra

Stream Cazalla de la Sierra

You have a few options: To name a few – Cazalla de la Sierra, Aracena, and Bahía de Cadiz. Any of the former can constitute a day or weekend-long trip. For a day trip you can organize a hiking trip or a visit to the famous caves of Cazalla de la Sierra (which are featured in many films).

Hiking outside of Seville

Hiking Outside of Seville

After exploring, take a lunch break at one of the small, locally owned eateries in the village, or bring a lunch, find a wishing-well or the cathedral and enjoy the spectacular countryside views. For a weekend-long trip you can consider renting a house in the country with a few “amigos!” Split between five to eight friends you can rent a house, cook, and pay for transportation for less than 30 euro!

Hiking in Cazalla de la Sierra

Hiking in Cazalla de la Sierra

The villages outside of Seville are unique because one can arrive in one village, plan a hiking trip, and arrive in another village within a few hours (just make sure you don’t get lost!). The paths run through public and private land (which is strange for many of us Americans). You will cross streams, open gates, close gates, enter pastures, and meet various animal friends.

Burro in Seville

If you love life in the city, but you want the option not to be consumed by it 24/7, study abroad in Seville! Untouched nature lies right beyond its borders!

puppies hiking in Seville

For more information about possible hiking trails – follow this link established by the government of Andalusia.


Photo Credits: Dylan Kramer, Allie Swiger, Ana Ruiz

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