People in Spain not only eat different foods, they also eat at different times.

  • Breakfast: served around 8:00 AM – is generally toast with accompaniments (olive oil, butter, jam, etc.), juice, and coffee or tea.
  • Lunch: served at around 2:00 PM.  It’s the largest meal of the day, typically starting with a salad, or a soup (may be hot, as in vegetable soup, or cold – as in Andalusia’s famed gazpacho:  cold tomato soup).  Next comes the main dish (fish, chicken, stew with meat and potatoes, etc.), and finally, dessert.
  • Dinner: served late –  around 9:00 PM –  and tends to be lighter version of lunch.

All meals are accompanied by water (which is completely safe to drink from the tap) or another beverage if requested.
Spain offers excellent fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, bread, cheeses, and nuts.  Most families will do their food shopping daily to restock on fresh goods.
Maintaining an open mind and trying new foods will only add to your overall experience.

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