The first meeting might be somewhat awkward for you.  Students are often nervous before meeting the people that will be involved in their lives during the following weeks.  A few words of advice: relax, relax, and relax.
If you’re arriving to Spain as part of a group, our families will be waiting with a Centro MundoLengua coordinator to meet students at a central location in the city.  Our coordinator will introduce you to your family (note:  in Spain the customary greeting is two kisses – one on each cheek).  Then you’ll go with your family to the house; once there, you can unpack, unwind, and get settled.
If you’re an individual traveler (i.e., arriving without a group), a Centro MundoLengua coordinator will meet you at the airport/train/bus station and take you by taxi directly to your house, where your family will be waiting for you.
As with all new situations, it takes time to adjust.  Be patient and understanding.  In no time at all, you will be feeling right at home.

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