Our programs take place in safe cities. We have had a lot of students and we have never had any serious issues. The cities where we operate are used to having tourists and the local authorities do a good job to ensure that the environment is safe for everybody. Summer is a wonderful time to be here because you are going to see that the people do not stay indoors at night. After the afternoon siesta and it’s cooled down a bit, everybody hits the streets to socialize, walk, drink, eat… it’s a festive atmosphere every night. This means that you should expect to see people strolling casually in the streets until the wee hours of the mornings. This often includes little children with their parents. The only thing we tend to caution people with is minding your wallet, purse, camera, etc. in crowded spaces or restaurants, bars, etc. Almost all crimes that have been committed against our students have been pick-pocket type crimes. Again…this is not rampant and nothing to worry about, but you should be alert.

Category: Security / Health Insurance

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