There are a variety of academic and personal concerns that can surface and need attention while you are living and studying overseas.  Whatever the magnitude and nature of your problem, it is important that you contact the program coordinator or program director immediately – and first.

Calling your parents first may seem like a good idea, but talking to Centro MundoLengua first may help you to see another half of the picture, or to not see the picture so darkly.  For example, maybe something that you perceive as a problem has only been a misunderstanding. Or maybe it is a problem, but we can easily and quickly solve for you.

So get the rest of the picture from us first, because calling your parents before you’ve got the whole picture will only worry them – they will be frustrated because they can’t help you personally, and remember, if you haven’t spoken to us first, you may only be providing your parents with half a story (the dark half!).


Category: Common Sense

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