• Keep in mind that you will need a valid passport in order to enter Spain.
  • You do not need a visa (visas are only for stays of 90 days or more).
  • You are responsible for purchasing your own plane ticket (unless you are travelling in a group where the ticket is included in the group package).
  • As a general rule, individual students should plan to arrive on the Sunday before the first day of classes, and to leave on the Saturday following the last day of class. If you arrive earlier or depart later, extra days of housing will be charged accordingly.

We strongly recommend that you purchase your plane tickets for Spain as early as possible. Spain is a popular destination year-round with tourists worldwide, especially in spring and summer.

Some websites include:






www.renfe.es (for all train connections in Spain)

Unless otherwise stated, round-trip airport/train/bus arrival to destination is included in the program price.

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