Once at the airport, you should collect your belongings and exit the baggage claim area. A representative from Centro MundoLengua will be waiting with a sign.

If you get out the exit door and, after looking around thoroughly, you don’t see a representative from Centro MundoLengua, don’t panic. Simply call one of our program directors (David and Stefanie) on their 24-hour mobile numbers, which will be provided to you in advance.


When in Spain, it is only necessary to insert a 2 euro coin into the phone and then dial the numbers exactly as written above. Money goes fast, so be sure to have some additional coins. It is extremely important that you call either David or Stefanie if there is ANY change in your travel plans.

The process is even easier if you have a Piccell phone provided by Centro MundoLengua. You can find out more about buying a phone for your trip through:www.piccellwireless.com/mundolengua

These phones are inexpensive, and extremely useful for staying in contact with your family and friends at home, in addition to being able to locate friends and Centro MundoLengua staff in Spain. Phones are delivered to your home before leaving for Spain, with a working Spanish mobile number. The unblocked phone is yours to keep for future trips. Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase the phone and Centro MundoLengua is not affiliated with Piccell.

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