• Seville: Seville has only one train station called Santa Justa. The station is located very close to the city center and taxis will be waiting in front. Your best bet is to take a taxi to your hotel or family. This should be a short ride and no more than 5-10 euros.
  • Madrid: Madrid has two main train stations – Atocha and Chamartin. Both are located on metro lines, so you will be able to transfer to the metro, if necessary. It is also possible to take a taxi located out front to your final destination.
  • Barcelona: Barcelona has two main train stations – Estació de Sants and Estació de França. Both are connected to the local Renfe train and the metro. By metro, a good exit stop for the city center is Passeig de Gracia. A ticket must be purchased to use the train or metro, which costs between 2-6 euros. It´s easiest to take a taxi which is available directly outside the train station. Costs of a taxi are approximately 5-10 euros.

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