Here are some ideas:

  • Plane ticket
  • Passport
  • Spending money (especially some money to get started…in euros)
  • Backpack to carry items for excursions
  • Money belt or pouch to carry your money and cards inside your clothes
  • Travel alarm clock (or use your mobile phone)
  • Laundry bag
  • Comfortable clothes for daytime and evening activities (don’t forget dark socks, white socks, undergarments, etc.)
  • Jacket/sweatshirt and clothes for layering when it gets cool/cold
  • Pajamas and shoes to wear around the home (Spainards don’t go barefoot at home)
  • Beach towel. Flip flops for the beach and home.
  • Travel size umbrella
  • Rainboots
  • One nice outfit for going out or a school dance (nothing too formal)
  • Athletic clothes for running on the beach, etc
  • Tennis shoes or “comfort” shoes (you will be doing a lot of walking)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, etc.).  These items can be purchased in Spain, but it is a good idea to bring some starter items along (travel size)
  • An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.  Also a good idea to bring a good supply of contact lens solution, etc., as it tends to be more expensive in Spain.
  • Sufficient quantities of any prescription medications that you are taking, i.e. enough to last through the entire program. Include over-the-counter medications if you have strong preferences about the brand you use.  If you suffer from motion sickness, bring medication with you because you will be riding tour buses for the program excursions
  • A pair of washcloths if you use them.  Spaniards’ towel linens will generally not include a washcloth
  • Window screens are uncommon in Spain. If you are allergic to mosquitoes, you might want to bring a non-aerosol repellent to help with this, although mosquitoes are not much of a problem
  • Camera and extra film or memory cards for your digital cameras
  • Journal (optional).
  • Photos of home, family, pets, etc., that will help tell your host family about you (optional)
  • Small gift for host family
  • IMPORTANT: Pack up to 2 days of extra clothes in your carry-on in case your checked bags get lost. Don’t forget to pack any essential items in your carry-on bag

Of course this list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of some of the things you might need.

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