Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions as outlined below supersede any other published policies pertaining to these terms.

The Program Participant refers to the individual, middle school, high school, university, college, or any other organization that enters into any sort of contractual agreement with Centro MundoLengua.

The Contract refers to the online application form available at www.centromundolengua.com

Centro MundoLengua (hereinafter also referred to as “MundoLengua”) refers to all employees, officers, Board of Directors, representatives, and agents.

The Program refers to the set of services, in whole or in part, provided by MundoLengua for the individual, middle school, high school, university, college, or any other organization that enters into any sort of contractual agreement with MundoLengua. The Program does not refer to airline transportation fees, unless this service is contracted directly with Centro MundoLengua, and not through an outside party.


1 – Sets of policies

Program Participants are governed by and responsible for complying with four sets of policies:

  • The Contract entered into by each Program Participant.
  • Policies set by Centro MundoLengua.
  • Policies set by the host school/university outside of the Program Participant’s home country.
  • Policies set by the Program Participant’s home school/university in his/her country of residence.

In the case of conflict among these four sets of policies, the most specific and stringent policy shall apply. It is the sole responsibility of the Program Participant to become familiar with these policies and with any more demanding policies that may be imposed by his/her home institution in his/her country of residence.


2 – Pricing and Accuracy

Centro MundoLengua endeavors to ensure that all the information and prices are accurate both on our website and in our brochures; however, occasionally minor errors occur and we reserve the right to correct prices in such circumstances.

All courses, activities, venues, and travel arrangements are subject to change according to weather, programming, and a satisfactory level of numbers. We reserve the right to cancel any courses and/or to change any information given, should this be necessary for any reason. Centro MundoLengua accepts no responsibility for the consequences of such changes.


3 – Enrolment and confirmation

By enrolling, the Program Participant accepts the Contract and Terms and Conditions of MundoLengua. The enrolment can be completed online through our website, or in special cases can be handwritten and sent to EMAIL, or by fax to (34) 954 083 177.

Enrolment is considered confirmed upon the receipt by the Program Participant of written electronic confirmation from MundoLengua. We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible and propose an alternative course if the course you have chosen is not available.


4 – Information provided at the time of registration

The Program Participant expressly declares that the information provided at the time of registration is true and accurate. Any inaccurate information or omission, whether intentional or not, may lead to immediate expulsion from the Program. In that event, the costs of the Program will not be refundable, either in whole or in part.


5 – Conditions of payment

Fees will become payable immediately on receipt by the Program Participant of written electronic confirmation of enrolment as follows:

  • A deposit of $300 is due (students from the USA) / €150 for European students. Please consult MundoLengua to confirm the deposit amount.
  • The total Program price (less deposit) is due 6 weeks (42 days) prior to the course start-date.
  • All bank charges are the responsibility of the Program Participant and/or parent/guardian. If the bank (originating or receiving) charges MundoLengua a commission, we reserve the right to charge this sum to the Program Participant.
  • In the event that Centro MundoLengua receives an application form less than 6 weeks (42 days) prior to commencement of the Program, the total Program price must be paid on receipt by the Program Participant of written electronic confirmation.
  • Airline transportation fees, whether provided by MundoLengua or an outside party, will have different payment and refund provisions from the above. Program Participants will be required to abide by these payment and refund deadlines, which will be made known to them in writing by MundoLengua as soon as reasonably possible. MundoLengua cannot be held liable for any damages whatsoever, as a result of losses due to the failure to meet the required deadlines, changes in the composition of the group of travelers, strikes and/or cancellations b y the airlines, or any reason whatsoever.


6 – Payment period

MundoLengua reserves the right to cancel a Program Participant’s place if, on the day of his/her arrival, he/she has not paid the total Program price.


7 – Proof of payment

Program Participants may be asked to provide documentary proof of payment of the full fee for their course and accommodation either before or on commencement of the course. Failure to do so may mean that entry to both the course and the accommodation will be refused.


8 – Cancellation prior to commencement of the course

A Program Participant may cancel his/her Contract at any time prior to commencement of the Program. In that event, Centro Mundolengua will be entitled to seek payment of appropriate compensation, the amount of which will depend on the period of time remaining between the date on which Centro MundoLengua receives and confirms written electronic notice of the cancellation and the date of commencement of the Program. In accordance with this principle, the amount of compensation is calculated as follows:

  • If the student cancels from the program after payment of the deposit, but 42 normal days or more prior to the program’s start, MundoLengua will refund him/her all monies paid less applicable transaction costs.
  • If the student cancels from the program less than 42 normal days, MundoLengua will refund him/her all monies paid less the deposit and any applicable transaction costs.
  • If the student cancels from the program less than 30 normal days to the program’s start, MundoLengua will refund him/her 50% of all monies paid less applicable transaction costs.
  • No refunds will be paid once the program has started.


9 – Passports and visas

The Program Participant will be responsible for complying with the security regulations, the regulations governing the obtaining of a visa, and the health regulations required to enter and stay in Spain. Under no circumstances will Centro MundoLengua be held liable for any notice of refusal to enter or stay in Spain given to a Program Participant. Information relating to the regulations governing security, health, and obtaining a visa can be obtained from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the Program Participant’s home country. No reimbursement will be made, either in full or in part, in the event that a Program Participant is refused permission to enter or stay in Spain.


10 – Accident/health insurance

Insurance may be purchased for all of our Programs with our partner Mapfre. Every Program Participant will be entirely responsible for informing us if he/she wants to contract the insurance. This insurance will be invoiced with the Program. The terms established in Mapfre’s insurance policy will dictate all coverage. The medical and accident insurance covers hospital bills, doctors’ fees, and medical transportation up to 60,000€ for illness and/or injury sustained by a Program Participant during the program in Spain.

In addition, this insurance covers transportation, food, and lodging expenses during 10 days for one relative of the Program Participant to be at his/her side in the event of a life-threatening illness or injury that requires hospitalization. The medical and accident insurance also covers the costs for the transport of an injured or ill Program Participant to an adequately equipped hospital, or to a hospital in the Program Participant’s country of residence, if treatment cannot be provided in Spain. The insurance also covers the transportation costs (provided that the originally included-transport cannot be used) for a Program Participant to interrupt his/her MundoLengua program to fly home to his/her country of residence in the event of the death of an immediate family member, or in the event of severe damage to the Program Participant’s home or business.


11 – Damage caused by Program Participants / Civil Liability

Prior to arrival at Centro MundoLengua, each Progarm Participant must take out a policy of insurance to cover any loss/damage which he/she may cause during the course of his/her stay, whether intentional or not. In any event, and even if a Program Participant does not feel that it is appropriate for him/her to take out such insurance, he/she will be liable for any losses caused to Centro MundoLengua, its commercial partners, and any other third party.


12 – Lost, stolen or damaged property and lost luggage

Centro MundoLengua is not responsible for the loss and/or recovery of any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property of the Program Participant. In the event of lost luggage, MundoLengua will aid to the best of its’ efforts, but the responsibility for recovering lost luggage and insuring that the Program Participant has enough clothes and supplies to continue the Program is the sole responsibility of the Program Participant.


13 – Discipline

In the case of a serious disciplinary offense, or infringement of one of the Terms and Conditions, MundoLengua reserves the right to expel the Program Participant from the Program without any refund of monies applicable to unused portions and/or components of the Program. The Program Participant will also be responsible for any fees associated with the return to his/her home country.


14 – Program rules

  1. Program Participants will respect and uphold MundoLengua rules regarding curfew. Activities such as inviting guests to the host family’s home, smoking inside the home, use of the family’s telephone, and, if applicable, use of the family’s internet, must be approved by the family.
  2. Program Participants will not drive cars, motorcycles, or scooters at any time during the Program. In order for a Program Participant to drive any off-road motorized vehicle, written permission must be obtained from parents or legal guardian.
  3. No Program Participant is permitted to travel outside the local area either alone or with other students. Overnight travel is permitted only with the approved group.
  4. Hitchhiking or soliciting a ride from a stranger is prohibited.
  5. Program Participants may not enter into any kind of contractual arrangement, be it business, religious, or marital.
  6. Program Participants will not make any permanent or drastic changes in their personal appearance while on the Program without the prior written consent of their parents or legal guardian. Examples include body piercings, tattoos, or dramatic and unconventional hair dyes.
  7. Program Participants must take responsibility for all personal property; MundoLengua cannot be held responsible for any Program Participant’s personal property that is lost or stolen.
  8. Program Participants will not discuss their host family’s private affairs with anyone other than a MundoLengua representative.
  9. Program Participants cannot change their host family without permission from a MundoLengua representative.
  10. Program Participants must obey all local and national laws.
  11. Program Participants have to respect the legal drinking age of their home country and of Spain . Program Participants who have not achieved the legal drinking age of their home country and of Spain must adhere to MundoLengua’s rules pertaining to the drinking of alcohol (zero tolerance). Progarm Participants who fail to do so will face expulsion from the Program, without recourse and at the Program Participant’s expense.
  12. Use of illegal drugs, or association with anyone involved with illegal drugs, will result in the Program Participant being returned to his/her home country, without recourse and at his/her expense.


15 – Changes affecting prices, dates or services

Until such time as a Program Participant receives written electronic confirmation of registration, Centro MundoLengua may change the dates and prices of a Program published on the internet or any other communication tools at any time. Following written electronic confirmation of registration between Centro MundoLengua and the Program Participant, Centro MundoLengua may change its Program of services, provided that the changes are minor, unavoidable, and based on good faith.


16 – Minimum number of participants

In the event that it is not possible to achieve the minimum number of Program Participants required for a Program, Centro MundoLengua will notify the Program Participant in writing and/or by telephone, as soon as reasonably possible. If Centro MundoLengua is unable to provide a replacement Program, Centro MundoLengua will undertake to reimburse all fees paid to date. Under no circumstances will Centro MundoLengua pay compensation for any inconvenience or loss of time.


17 – Activities

Depending on the weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the control of Centro MundoLengua , we reserve the right to cancel one or more of the scheduled activities described in the Program. In that event, Centro MundoLengua will use its’ best efforts to substitute the cancelled activities with others.


18 – Accommodation

The Program Participant will be charged for the replacement of items broken due either to negligence or intention on his/her part. The Program Participant may be charged for the replacement of locks if the host family’s keys are either lost or stolen for any reason. Program Participants will not have the right to a refund for any portion of unused housing, for any reason.


19 – Cancellation of a Program

Centro MundoLengua reserves the right to cancel a Program for safety reasons as a consequence of a strike, political unrest, or for any other extraordinary reason. In that event, Centro MundoLengua will undertake to reimburse all costs relating to the Program. Centro MundoLengua reserves the right to retain a certain amount to cover administration costs.


20 – Force Majeure

Centro MundoLengua cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the performance of our contractual obligations to Program Participants is prevented by or affected by “force majeure”. In these Terms and Conditions “force majeure” means any event which we or the supplier(s) of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events are likely to include, but are not limited to, cancellation of a special event by the organizers, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural, nuclear, chemical, or biological disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, and all similar events outside our control.


21 – Liability

Under no circumstances can Centro MundoLengua be held liable for any loss resulting from illness, accident, or inconvenience caused by poor service provided by any agent appointed by Centro MundoLengua. Neither will Centro MundoLengua be responsible for the loss of any valuables, personal items, money, etc. unless such losses were due to deliberate negligence on the part of Centro MundoLengua. Further, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, Program Participants hereby release MundoLengua from any and all claims, charges, costs and/or causes of action, whether covered by insurance or not, for loss of property, personal injury, illness, accident or death sustained by the Program Participant during the MundoLengua Program.


22 – Safety and security

Centro MundoLengua is authorized to take all reasonable action as required to ensure the well-being and good health of the Program Participants. Centro MundoLengua is also entitled to take all necessary measures to provide a Program Participant with any appropriate medical care in the event of necessity, including the administration of an anesthetic and surgery. MundoLengua will use its’ best efforts to contact by phone parents and/or legal guardians before deciding upon any medical procedures. Any costs arising from such medical attention will be borne by the Program Participant or his/her legal representative if he/she is a minor.


23 – Protection of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal data and that of your son/daughter will be incorporated into an automatic file under the control of MUNDOLENGUA CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE ESPAÑOL S.L. with the means of being able to meet specific needs and obligations of the center. Also, note that by accepting these legal conditions, you are expressing consent of the processing of your personal data and the data of your son/daughter as established above. You can exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to the address: CUESTA DEL ROSARIO 8 CASA 1 4ºA 41004 SEVILLA.


24 – Promotional material

Centro MundoLengua reserves the right to retain and use photographs either taken by or showing a Program Participant for promotional purposes. The same applies to videos filmed by or showing a Program Participant. The same applies to anything produced by the Program Participant during the Program. Centro MundoLengua reserves the right to use any photos, videos, or testimonials from its Programs in any manner it desires.


25 – Foreign currency

The total amount in foreign currency, relative to your Program, is converted into euros the day MundoLengua receives your deposit or payment. We apply an exchange rate based on the inflated interbank rate of the day in order to cover exchange risks. Refunds will take place by applying the same exchange rate based on the inflated interbank rate of the day of payment.


26 – User obligations

Any user of MundoLengua’s website agrees to use the services and content of the website in accordance with the law, these Terms and Conditions, and the conditions specific to the services offered by Centro Mundolengua at any given time. All users must abstain from using the website to:

  • Carry out illicit activities that may constitute a crime, contrary to good faith, morality and public order, or the uses and/or regulation that infringes on intellectual and industrial property, or any other applicable rule of the legal system.
  • Disseminate content of a nature that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, justifying terrorism and/or violating human rights.
  • Introduce or spread in the network data programs (viruses and harmful software) which might cause damage to Centro Mundolengua’s computer systems, its suppliers or third party users of the internal network or this website.
  • Transfer their username and password to unauthorized third parties and any access to said information by an unauthorized user must be reported to Centro Mundolengua immediately. To this end, Centro Mundolengua reserves the right to change the username and password in order to protect its service.
  • Make available to the other users, send by email or in any other way transmit any content which, in accordance with the applicable provisions or existing contractual relationships, the user is not authorized to transmit ( such as privileged information, information protected by intellectual or industrial property rights or information covered by obligations of confidentiality).
  • Spam or, generally, distribute advertisements which are neither wanted nor authorized, or spread publicity material, junk mail, chain e-mails, pyramid structures or any other form of information, except in areas of the website specifically enabled for this purpose.
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, re-sell or exploit for commercial purposes, totally or partially, the content of the website.
  • Users who take out services via the website certify to being of legal age in accordance with Spanish law. In the case of services taken out by minors, written authorization from their parents or guardians is required so that the service can be received.


27 – Browsing, access and security

Centro Mundolengua makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place in the best possible conditions. Centro Mundolengua doesn’t assume any responsibility nor guarantees that access to this website be constant or that it be error-free. Nor does Centro Mundolengua assume any responsibility nor guarantee that the content or software accessible through the website is error-free and cannot cause damage to the computer equipment through which the user gains access. Under no circumstances shall Centro Mundolengua be held liable for any loss, damage or prejudice of any kind that may arise through the use and browsing of the website, including, but not limited to, damage caused to computer systems or those arising from the introduction of a virus. In particular, Centro Mundolengua is not responsible, in any way, for the interruptions, failures or defects of the telecommunications that may occur in the course of financial operations nor any damage or prejudice that may arise in such cases.


28 – Intellectual and industrial property

Certain content accessible to users via the website may be subject to intellectual and industrial property rights owned by Centro Mundolengua or third parties. Access to such content or elements via the website does not give the user the right of alteration, modification, exploitation or reproduction, distribution or public communication or any other right corresponding to the owner of the affected right. The user undertakes to use the content and/or elements they access via the website for their own use and needs and not to exploit them commercially, directly or indirectly, at any time. Centro Mundolengua shall not be held liable for any damage whatsoever that could be caused to users through the inappropriate use of the website.


29 – Applicable law and jurisdiction

Spanish law will apply exclusively to the contractual relationship between Centro MundoLengua and the Program Participant. Jurisdiction will lie with the courts of Seville (Spain).