Welcome to Sevilla!

Bienvenidos a Sevilla!

By Patrick Davis | Monday, 06 June 2016

Today we welcomed our first group of students into the MundoLengua family as they begin their two week study abroad in Seville, Spain. Our first two groups of students come from Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, North Carolina, and from Riverwood High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Both groups of students arrived yesterday and were treated to an orientation walk through the city where they would be living for the next two weeks. Two students from each school- Liza Crutchfield and Lindsay Robelen from Charlotte Latin School, and Ryan Belfi and Talia Skollar from Riverwood High School- were gracious enough to take a few minutes out of their first day of classes to tell us a few things about themselves and their first time going abroad to Spain.

Liza and Lindsay said that they both chose to come to Spain with Centro MundoLengua because they hope to improve their Spanish while staying in a beautiful country that has great culture and is home to very friendly people. They also knew that by coming to this country they would have to adapt to an entirely new schedule that involves eating and going to sleep much later than they are used to. However, this is not an entirely new concept to the two of them as they have both been outside of the country numerous times to places such as London, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. Ryan and Talia provided similar information about their stay in Spain, but with a few twists. While the two girls also came with the hopes of improving their Spanish, their reasons were more based on culture, due to the fact that Ryan´s father is from Spain and because Talia is Cuban and Panamanian. They had also been told by friends and family that Spain is a must-see; and I personally couldn´t agree more. The two of them had also done their fair share of traveling before coming to Spain, having been to places such as France, Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands.

Although Liza, Lindsay, Ryan, and Talia may come from two different schools in two different states, they do share a few things in coming; besides their great decision to study abroad with Centro MundoLengua, of course. All four of them hope to improve their Spanish enough to maintain a conversation with someone whose native language is Spanish. And while studying abroad can seem challenging and frightening at times, when asked what they would say to their friends and family right now all four responded with the same answer: “it is worth it”.

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