The Best of Barcelona

By | Thursday, 06 April 2017

What a weekend! I had the pleasure of going to Barcelona for a few days thanks to the wonderful MundoLengua crew! Even though our stay was short, I got to experience the very best of Barcelona. No matter how long you plan to visit, you must check out these top attractions, as these are the most famous spots in the city.

#1: Las Ramblas

Like to shop? Like afternoon walks? This is the perfect stop! Las Ramblas is known for it’s touristy atmosphere as it offers a variety of local shops, markets, and neat bars in the heart of the city. My friends and I spend a lazy Sunday afternoon walking around shopping. You can get everything from antique jewelry to typical postcards (yes, I got some for my collection)! However, make sure you’re aware of your belongings at all times. This hot spot is notorious for pickpocketers. Just make sure to wear your back pack in front of you and all is good!

#2: La Pedrera

La Pedrera, formally known as Casa Milá, demonstrates the unconventional and organic design of architect Antoni Gaudí who’s style is well-know throughout Barcelona. You can’t go 10 minutes without hearing his name! Haha!  It’s undulating facade, twisting iron balconies, and roof-top sculptures make this old private residency a show stopper.


#3: Park Güell

Other than being a backdrop for one of the Cheetah Girls’ movie (which is all I recognized it from…Haha), this relaxing park consists of beautiful gardens and architectonic elements (by Gaudí of course) while overlooking the ocean. This is where people, myself included, get there typical Barcelona picture with the gorgeous, colorful buildings  in the background. I’m not going to lie…I might have reenacted the scene from the Cheetah Girls movie! 🙂


#4: La Sagrada Familia

This is the best of the best of Barcelona! This is the number one thing to visit…you can’t go to Barcelona and not go here. This stunning Catholic Church remains under construction even through it was initially started in 1882 under, you guessed it, Antoni Gaudí. This church can’t be compared to any other. The beautiful stained glass windows full of vibrant colors just light up the church as if it were a rainbow….it was the most gorgeous, beautiful, and mesmerizing thing I’d ever seen. I know you’ll be in love with it to!

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