Pre-AP Spanish Language Program at Reales Alcázar

A Beautiful Visit to Reales Alcázar

By Patrick Davis | Thursday, 30 June 2016

Seville is home to many beautiful buildings and styles of architecture. Due to the long history or conquest in Seville, the city bears many different architectural styles, one of the most prominent being from the Moors. This can be seen most prominently in the palace located near the Cathedral of Seville, Reales Alcázar. It is renowned for being one of the most beautiful sights in the entire city; it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Reales Alczázar is famous due to the multiple ways that is used now-and-days: the royal family still uses it as a residence making it Europe´s oldest palace that is still in use, it is one of Seville´s most famous tourist attractions, and it has gained fame for being a popular film location, most recently being the setting for Dorn in Game of Thrones. If you study abroad in Seville, it is impossible to leave without seeing Reales Alcázar at least once.

Yesterday our individual students from Pre-AP Spanish Language Program– students who have decided to study abroad separately from their school- had the opportunity to visit the palace and learn about its cultural and architectural history. I was able to talk with Ainsley about her experience and what she found the most interesting. She found the entire visit very enlightening and thought that the palace was absolutely beautiful. Her favorite style of architecture was from the Moorish influence, which mainly consists of plaster that has intricate designs woven into it. Ainsley´s favorite aspects of the Alcázar were its gardens and fountains. Throughout the palace there are a multitude of fountains that can be seen, because the Moors believed that water signified life and purification which would lead to goodwill within the palace. The gardens are large and intricate, almost like a maze, and constitute the majority of the Alcázar; we were fortunate enough to meet some of its inhabitants while we were there, a family of peacocks.

Seville is city overflowing with culture, which can sometimes make it difficult to see everything in one day. If you are only able to visit for one day, then Reales Alcázar is a must-see. However, if you cannot make it during the day, it is also open at night, allowing an illuminated view of its beautiful architecture and gardens.

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