Housing Department Seville

Contact me if:

- You would like to work with us as a part of our host family network.
- You need to know more information about the MundoLengua housing department, especially in regards to host families and student accommodation.
- You have questions about what you should do while hosting students or teachers in your home.
- You are a student or teacher and you would like to learn more about the MundoLengua host family experience.

“Life is but a continual succession of opportunities for surviving.” Gabriel García Márquez

“Traveling has that magic power over time and reason, I thought, forcing us to break the habits and fears that have become thick chains around our necks without our even noticing.” Matilde Asensi


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About me

I’ve always loved working with people, getting to know their needs and situations, and finding ways to offer my understanding and help. My work with MundoLengua allows me to work in this way by forming connections with our host families, meeting their needs, providing our students with a wonderful experience in Spain, and enhancing their stay here through their host family accommodation. That’s why working here gives me great satisfaction, in addition to the opportunity to learn from my coworkers, the families, and the students.

Relaxing with a book

What’s a better way to disconnect from the day and have a moment of relaxation than with a good book?


Learning about other cultures, people, and lifestyles helps to continue your personal enrichment.

My city

Sevilla, I wouldn’t change your energy or beauty at all. It’s my favorite place to live.

My rocks

My family and my friends are an integral part of my life, they support me through both the good times and the bad times. We have such fun together!