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Contact me if:

- You are from Europe and want more information about a student program.
- You have doubts about your trip to Spain or want to get more details about your program.
- You want to submit a blog post, photo, video, feedback or testimonial from your stay in Spain.
- You want Centro MundoLengua to attend a school conference in Austria, Germany or Switzerland

“Every new language is like an open window that shows a new view of the world and expands your attitude towards life.”
Frank Harris, Irish writer

“To fall in love with Seville you do not have to be Andalusian, even a Martian would fall in love with this city.”
Joaquín Sabina, Spanish singer and songwriter


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About me

«You live a new life for every language you speak», for me this is so much more than just a saying. My passion for different languages and cultures and the urge to experience and understand them has led me to work and study in different countries for longer periods of time. Whether in Sweden, Germany, the Dominican Republic or now in Spain - languages, education and travel have always played an important role in my professional and private life. Connecting people and countries, contributing to experiences that enrich and make people from all over the world as well as myself grow, are just some of the reasons why I enjoy being part of the MundoLengua team so much.

On Wheels

My bike takes me anywhere in the city and is definitely my favourite means of transport.

Music and Dance

Latin rhythms are my great passion: 100 % joy of life and the best medicine for body, mind and soul.


Some brain workout makes my long trips a little shorter.


My second living room in summer, especially when there is no beach nearby…