Academic Coordinator for High School Programs

Contact me if:

-You need an academic report for your Spanish course.
-You have doubts about your Spanish level.
-You want to get in touch with your Centro MundoLengua Spanish teacher.
-You want to receive your certificate by email, or you need an academic report about your Spanish course.
-You have a general question about the Spanish language.

"En cuestiones de cultura y saber, solo se pierde lo que se guarda; solo se gana lo que se da.”
Antonio Machado

"Después de un buen libro, uno no vuelve a ser el mismo.”


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About me

Every day I feel more passionate about the teaching of Spanish. Being in contact with new students allows me to enrich myself with a new vision of our culture. In addition, watching students learn a new language allows me to play a part in their discovery of a new reality. Through this process, I am able to transmit important values like solidarity, generosity, working together …

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Sitting around a table with my friends. The best things in life are simple!


The beach is good for the soul.

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Always with a good book.