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“The worst day employed is that in which you have not laughed.” Chamfort
“A reader lives a thousand lives before dying. A person who never reads only lives one.” George R. R. Martin


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About me

Centro MundoLengua allows any person at any age from anywhere in the world to know Spain, its language, its culture its food…it is a unique and gratifying experience. I feel proud that I am able to contribute with my work so that any student can live this experience. Centro MundoLengua teaches me that there are no linguistic or cultural borders.


My place of disconnection. The Guadalquivir river, its walk, its bridges, its life…

Between books and coffee

Read and read… Learn… Travel between lines… Live without leaving the chair.


My greatest treasure, my dog Rocky.

My weakness

My mom, my dad, my sister… My family and my land. Extremadura.