AP Spanish Language and Culture Madrid

AP Spanish Language and Culture Madrid
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This summer institute will familiarize participants with the AP Spanish Language and Culture course and examination. Topics include:

  • Curriculum changes and classroom practices necessary to meet the goals of the exam requirements.

  • Latest teaching resources.

  • Integration of language skills.

  • AP program goals.

  • Vertical articulation, as well as the AP’s thematic approach and its implications for instruction.


AP teachers will:

  • Learn strategies to holistically assess their students’ competencies in the target language.

  • Create and share communicative activities for integrating all skills using authentic materials.

  • Modify existing curricula and methodology to articulate an AP Program in Spanish.

  • Examine the students’ performance.

  • Learn strategies for incorporating literary works from the AP Spanish Literature reading list and themes into the language curriculum, as well as how to enhance the teaching of the reading.

Participants are invited to bring best practice ideas and activities to share with the group.



You have the opportunity to do this in the capital city of Spain, Madrid, where you will discover firsthand the best of Spanish museums and art, architecture, food, and music. Get ready for an incredible experience in one of the most exciting European capital cities that never sleeps!



  • Only program for teachers in Spain endorsed by the College Board.

  • Relaxed balance of class time with complementary cultural and social visits.

  • First week cultural and social visits. AP workshop classes start on Monday of the second week. Visits will also be included during the second week of classes.

  • Earn graduate credits with the University of California at Riverside.

  • Explore not only Madrid, but other areas of Spain or Europe on the weekend.

  • Make connections with teachers from the USA, as well as schools worldwide.

  • Learn more about this summer instructor: Ken Stewart.






Time to wake up!

6:30 -


Shower and dress.

7:15 -


Breakfast in hotel, apartment, etc.

8:00 -


Allow time to walk or take public transport to our center for classes.

8:30 -


Classes at school (Monday-Friday), 6hrs/day with 30 minute break included.

3:00 -


Time for lunch and relaxing.

5:00 -


Allow time to walk or take public transport to our center for afternoon activity.

5:30 -


Afternoon activity: Prado, Reina Sofia, Royal Palace, Thyssen, literary tour, flamenco lessons, cooking classes, etc.

7:00 -


Free time with colleagues before dinner.

9:00 -


Dinner in a restaurant, bar, etc.



Group nighttime activities: tapas nights, group dinners, wine tastings, concerts, flamenco shows, outdoor cinema, art and culture expos, etc.







AP Spanish Language and Culture Madrid

July 1 – July 11, 2015

New and experienced

Not included

Individual teachers



What's included?



Graduate Credits




Weekend Excursions


Family Homestay


Airport Transfer


Health Insurance


24 Hour Support




Dates refer to the expected arrival and departure dates. 


Do you organize pick-ups at the airport?

Round-trip transport from the airport/train station/bus station is not included. We are happy to help arrange transport, or to provide advice on the best manner in which to reach the city.


Where will the classes take place?

This will be determined at a later date. We expect to secure classroom space in the city center. Please consult with us, as you consider lodging for the program.


Who are the instructors?

For both the Seville and Madrid program, the instructors are College Board certified teachers. Ken Stewart from North Carolina will be the instructor for the Madrid workshop.


How will the classes work?

The actual classes will not start until Monday of the second week. The first few days after arrival will be to visit the city and several sites of cultural interest. Classes will run from Monday until Friday of the second week, 6 hours per day, for a total of 30 hours.


Are College Board materials included?

College Board materials are included, as well as special materials developed by Centro MundoLengua´s professors for our student AP prep program.


Will I receive a certificate?

All participants will receive a College Board certificate upon completion of the program for the total number of AP contact hours (30 total).


How does the credit process work?

We have an agreement with the University of California at Riverside. On the first day of class, we will hand out to all participants a form. The fee for these 5.0 quarter units of credit (3 semester hours) has typically hovered around $325-$350 total. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MC). There will be some additional work required if you are opting for the credits and the instructors will let you know what is expected.


What about cultural activities?

We will review this program on arrival, but expect to delve into the history of Spain and take back ideas for your students. This is one of the nicest additions to the program and something that cannot be gleaned from sitting in a classroom in the states or abroad doing a similar program. All entrances are included, so there is no need to budget extra money for this. For teachers travelling with spouses, etc., it might be possible for them to join us on certain activities. We will let you know in advance, in addition to any related cost.


How will the cultural activities work?

Teachers should plan to arrive on Wednesday. We will meet early on Thursday for our welcome reception and breakfast. We will also have our orientation this day, as well as several cultural visits in the city. On Friday of the first week, we will have additional cultural visits throughout the morning. Teachers are then free to travel (starting Friday afternoon). The second week will be a mixture of morning classes and afternoon cultural and social visits.


What will I do during the weekend?

The weekend is free for you to plan travel on your own. This is an excellent opportunity to visit Andalusia, southern Portugal or even Lisboa, Morocco, Barcelona, Valencia, etc. The possibilities are endless, as the cities where our programs take place are well connected.


What about housing?

We can help with finding economical hotels/hostals/residences located close to the school. As well, there are plenty of private and shared apartments. Please let us know if you need help.


Can I come with my students?

We do offer group and individual programs in Seville and Cadiz. At present, we are not offering this possibility in Madrid. You are welcome to mention this program to your students who may be asking about study abroad.


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